Speaking of Pisces, the first person came into my head is my mother.  Like what Pisces have been described, my mom is a very compassionate, gentle and intuitive woman.  She never screams, swears or yells at anyone.  I know she is a very sensitive and emotional person and she also feels mad or angry at others sometimes.  But she is super tolerant and when she is sad, she usually chooses to stay alone.

When I thought back to my childhood experiences, I found that my parents never really had any fierce arguments- and the reason is that my mom is a super calm person.  When my dad throws tantrums, she ignores his expressions and let him cool down by himself.  (I admire my mom’s temper a lot)

Including my mom, I think all the Pisces I know are very friendly, so they often find themselves in a company of very different people.  Pisces are selfless and like to help people.  Even Pisces men, they know how to show their emotional capacity really well.  For example, if you have bruises on your arms, they will not hesitate to ask about what happened and asked you to take care of yourself.

Pisces are generally very quiet people.  They like being alone and enjoying their alone time (listening to music, sleeping, watching movies etc).  They are one of the most romantic people who like to stay and immerse themselves in their little world.  Because of their romance trait and their tendency to escape reality, they hate being criticized.

In Chinese, Pisces is called two fishes – referring that Pisces are people who live in two worlds.  They live both in the real and the spiritual world they interpret what they see into what they want.  I found myself have lots of Pisces tendencies as well and my moon sign is Pisces.  I think Pisces “live in two worlds: to avoid all the pain from reality and that’s how they find the balance between their ideal world and the real one.  Since Pisces are really sensitive people, they have extremes of emotions and feel both good and bad intensively.  But their sensitivity make them really understanding and caring towards others.  Sometime you may find Pisces lazy, but only in things they do not care about.

In the nutshell, I will say Pisces are the most softest people who try to use their idealistic or personal way to perceive the world- so that they feel more comfortable and happy.  I think they have their own set of philosophy to deal with things they see in real world and things they want in the spiritual one.


Are you soft? Pisces?

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This is abovewaters Ding :) I think many of my readers will assume that the writer of the blog must a young girl- and if you think that way, YOU ARE RIGHT. Yes, I am a university student who is interested in star signs. What intrigued me to get to know about zodiac signs is that I started reading books about signs since I was little- a time period that signs had been often discussed, and my curiosity about zodiac signs never stopped since then. I know it sounds illogical and a bit ridiculous to talk about the associations between signs and personality traits, but I'd like to share what I've found about zodiac signs based on incidents I intervened and people I interacted with.
For me, investigating the associations between traits and zodiac signs is like an observation work I assigned to myself ever since I knew about zodiac signs. My curiosity towards star signs pushed me to learn and analyze more and more. By now, I've collected "data" about zodiac signs from my past interactions with people.
I think its time to share what I have found about star signs and I hope my readers enjoy reading the stories and getting to know a bit more about signs~