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Taurus: Me, Myself and I


I think the series of horoscope stories should start with the author, myself.  I was born on May 3rd, so I am a Taurus girl (April 20-May 20).  Despite how much I know about my own horoscope, I’ve met many Taurus people in my life.  Taurus people are usually caring, considerate. They have good aesthetic senses and care about all types of sensations.  At the same time, they process emotions very slowly and it takes longer time for them to get into their spaces. (both physical and spiritual).  Something special about Taurus is that once they decide to trust you, they tend to give people their full hearts without doubts.  My personal experience of being a Taurus girl taught me to step out my personal bubbles and be more expressive. Except the fact that Taurus are sometimes said to be stubborn and possessive, they are also practical, ambitious, and reliable.

Let me know how you feel about being Taurus or how you feel about Taurus.  Comment Below!